Many competitive slalom paddlers who tested the Donsa commented that it is the first plastic slalom kayak they’ve ever tried that feels like a real slalom kayak. We take that as huge compliment. It means that all paddlers now have to opportunity to paddle a real slalom kayak without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

The Donsa’s heavier weight means that you won’t take it to the Olympics, but the tough construction makes it perfect for beginner to intermediate slalom kayakers and slalom clubs. Experienced slalom kayakers who want to spare their more expensive composite craft from abuse when training on rocky slalom courses will find the Donsa a happy alternative.

The Donsa is not just a kayak for slalom paddlers though. Kayakers who are not interested in slalom competition but who like a fast kayak for downriver play, or who just want to experiment with new lines in rapids or experience a different way of running rapids, can make good use of the Donsa’s agility. It is the perfect kayak for practicing attainments.


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LENGTH: 353 cm / 11’6″
WIDTH: 60 cm / 23.5″
WEIGHT: 15.5 kg / 34 lbs
COCKPIT SIZE: 45 x 78 cm / 17.75″ x 30.75″
PADDLER WEIGHT RANGE: 50 – 90 kg / 110 – 200 lbs



  • Longer profile
  • Low volume
  • Low stern volume for stern turns
  • Bow slightly raised
  • Roto-molded polyethylene plastic for durability
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Drain plug