RIVER | Velox Assault

The Assault has the same hull as the Attack with 30mm more height in the boat overall in order to accommodate heavier paddlers and to make it more comfortable for paddlers with wider hips.

Designed specifically as a river boat, this K1 has had great success on flat-water marathons too, winning the 2011 U23 World Marathon Championships.

It has good manoeuvrability and excellent sprint or maximum speed. It additionally has a high cruising speed, and requires little effort to keep it on a plane, which is crucial for a marathon boat. It can take a paddler of up to 100kg on a river.

It has a round hull from the nose through to the tail, with a full tail giving good volume preventing the tail from sinking into the water, alleviating the porpoise effect that can occur in boats and ensuring good speed through a turn. This is the ultimate river boat for the lighter paddler.


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RIVER | Velox Assault


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