TRIPPER | Spraycovers – HD – River

Manufactured from 100% waterproof fabric, the spraycover is designed for racing kayaks and incorporates several features which are helpful for use on flowing waters.   The spraycover has webbing shoulder straps, elasticated for unrestricted movement of the torso.   The shoulder straps have adjustable buckles for setting the height of the bodice of the cover.   These adjusters are attached to breakaway velcro fastened sections for quick release in case of an emergency.   The bodice has two layers of elastic for sealing around the paddlers’ midriff, one of which is attached to drawcords which can be tightened or loosened depending on the intensity of white water being paddled.


TRIPPER | Spraycovers – HD – River


The spraycover features a zipped mesh pocket which can be used for small personal items,  e.g. supplements/sunblock.

The spraycover carries strengthening strips on either side where the cockpit may come into contact with obstructions in the river.   These strengthening strips help prevent the cutting of the cover by the cockpit on impact.   The strengthening strips also feature a webbing grab handle on either side used to pop the spraycover from the lip of the cockpit prior to exiting.

In addition, the spraycover has a reinforced nose cone with an emergency grab handle sewn around the nose of the cover and back onto inself allowing the nose of the cover to be levered off the point of the cockpit by a rescuer in the event of an entrapment.

A further feature of the cover is a solid but flexible nylon rod which is sewn into the back lip of the cover enabling the rear of the cover to be easily dropped over the rear lip of the cockpit when fitting the spraycover from a seated position.

Finally, a double rear panel deals with the additional wear and tear caused by the friction of a lifejacket combined with the rear cockpit lip.

A further feature is a neoprene gasket seal which is sewn between the skirt and the bodice in order to waterproof the stitch line in this critical area.

The spraycover seals to the cockpit by means of top qulaity 6mm shockcord sewn into the seam of the cover.   By means of a velcroed flap at the back of the cover, this shockcord is easily accessed and adjusted for preferred tension.