Starboard Lima Tufskin Adult 2pcs Adjustable

The 2021 Starboard Lima Tufskin 2 Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle offers a concave and cupped blade shape integrating the very latest from our World Champion Lima paddles. Slim profile, high stiffness and lower weight. The large tip area allows for max forward motion even if the blade is not totally submerged.


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Starboard Lima Tufskin Adult 2pcs Adjustable


Never before has our entry-level paddle been this close to a top-notch performance paddle. The 2-Piece adjust-ability is great for paddlers looking for different paddle length or sharing the paddle with friends and family.

• Strong and extremely durable ABS foils based on the new Lima shape.
• Slim profile reduces weight by 15g for improved efficiency.
• Perfect for whitewater paddling and schools due to extreme strength and high impact resistance.
• Great value due to strength and high-quality shape.
• The NEW Pregreg Hybrid Carbon Shaft is 20% lighter making it strong and economical.
• The wide Tiki Clamp for a quick and effortless release.
• The skinny rounded and flush clamp ensures that your hand never gets stuck on a hard corner when shifting grip.

• Blade Length: 16.5″ (42cm)
• Blade Width: 7.2″ (18.2cm)
• Area: 81.8 Square Inches / 528.1 cm2
• Fixed Shaft Total Length: 84.6″ / 215 cm
• Min. Adjustable Length: 62.6″ / 159 cm
• Max. Adjustable Length: 84.8″ / 213.6 cm