This is for the budget conscious paddler. The new blade makes the paddle faster through the water!
Alloy Fixed
This is our entry-level paddle. The paddle shaft is coated in soft EVA making for a comfortable grip without adding weight. The nylon blade has just the right amount of flex to allow for low impact paddling – keeps shoulder and arm fatigue to a minimum.
The blade size allows for smooth, easy stroke. The shaft can easily be cut down to suit all rider heights.
The handle has been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort no matter how long you are on the water for.
Alloy Vario
We’ve taken our popular one piece paddle and added an adjustable section to allow the paddle to be used by a range of riders. It’s adjustable from 170cm – 210cm. It’s ideal if you share your board with friends and family. There’s nothing worse trying to paddle with a paddle that is the wrong length so this is the perfect solution. This paddle also comes with our oval shaft as standard to make your paddling experience as comfortable as possible.


Available shaft types
The Alloy paddle is available in the following shaft types:

Fixed shaft specifications
Fixed Length: 210cm
Weight: 1.18
Blade Construction: Nylon
Usage: All Round

Vario shaft specifications
Length: 170cm – 210cm
Weight: 1.2
Blade Construction: Nylon
Usage: All Round