TRIPPER | Kayak Jacket


This is a kayaking jacket, not a lifejacket or personal flotation device and does not conform nor is it intended to conform to international standard IS012402.

The jacket is designed specifically for kayaking and paddle sport.   The jacket features a rescue harness comprising of webbing travelling through the jacket emerging at the neck in the form of a grab handle and at the base in the form of two adjustable crutch straps.   The jacket has three adjustable waist straps which serve to mould the jacket to the wearers’ body.   These adjustments together with the crutch straps will prevent the jacket from floating upwards on the wearer which in turn allows maximum efficiency of the buoyancy medium. The buoyancy medium is closed cell foam.   The jacket features a single pocket in the front and is manufactured from light, quicky drying fabric.

The jackets carry a reflective strip over the shoulders.

The jacket is completely drained with mesh inserts in all areas which would trap fluid when exiting the water.